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Industry Leaders

An Assurance of Quality & Availability

At Nordaero Aviation Services, we pride ourselves in being a world-class international supplier of aircraft parts and service to all major players in the aviation industry. With our headquarters conveniently at the Calgary airport, we also support our customer base through a network of international administrative centres, ensuring quick and cost efficient delivery of aircraft parts to clients around the globe.

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Client satisfaction

Our highly skilled staff members are your partners in finding what you need and making sure you are satisfied.

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Quality control

Orders administered and shipped based on your requirements, with complete paperwork.

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24/7/365 availability

Live agents are ready to answer your inquiries at any time of the day or night.

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Timely and assisted deliveries

Punctual delivery on orders and assistance to clear parts at customs and delivery to your door in certain countries.

Aircraft Parts & Repairs

Parts Sourcing And Sales

Our holistic approach to aircraft components sourcing and sales allows our customers to effectively manage their logistics, as well as all required paperwork on available parts.

All of our parts are delivered with proper airworthiness certification.

In the event that your required part is not immediately available, we will work with you to find it anywhere else in the market and coordinate delivery to you. This allows Nordaero to provide you with your required parts in a suitable time frame in your AOG and critical necessities times, all the while allowing you to save costs and helping you comply with strict quality standards.

Aviation Repairs and Maintenance

In partnership with multiple certified repair stations across North America, we are able to support your various needs through different forms of repair cycles. Nordaero is able to assist you with logistics during repairs, as well as make sure to inspect parts pre and post repair, verify validity of certification provided and will update you accordingly through your full repair cycle.