About the Company

Who We Are

Nordaero Aviation Services is an aviation parts supplier and  service provider. We are a supplier of aftermarket logistical solutions to airlines as well. We provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to customers globally and also specialize in the sale, lease and repair management of aircraft engines, APUs, Landing gears and aircraft components.

We supply parts that are new, overhauled, serviceable and in as-removed condition, and provide a considerable cost savings to our customers.

Founded in 2009, Nordaero Aviation Services has a proven successful track record and our business has grown every year since inception. We continue to establish new relationships with customers around the world to offer them our superior personal service.

Our customers are mainly airlines. Some of our customers include American Airlines, Air Canada, Ukraine INTL Airlines, Sky Up, Air France and many more. We have extensive experience in aviation parts and have earned a reputation for providing outstanding service. Our parts are positioned very competitively, get in touch with us today! 

Nordaero Aviation Services has locations in Canada and recently opened an office in Ukraine. 

What Makes Us Different

Nordaero Aviation Services is independent of any airline or maintenance facility which allows us to provide the most responsive service available in the industry. We differ from our competitors because management services is one of the many services in their operation while this is our primary focus.

Our worldwide presence allows us to be available 24 hours-a-day and co-ordinate international deliveries around the clock. 

At Nordaero, we take pride in the many years of experience of our team. Our team excels in parts purchasing, inventory replenishment, repair management and aviation engineering as well. 

How We Can Help You

Parts Sourcing And Sales

Our holistic approach to aircraft components sourcing and sales allows our customers to effectively manage their logistics, as well as all required paperwork on available parts. In the event that your required part is not immediately available, we will work with you to find it anywhere else in the market and coordinate delivery to you. This allows Nordaero Ltd. to provide you with your required parts in a suitable time frame in your AOG and critical necessities times, all the while allowing you to save costs and helping you comply with strict quality standards. All of our parts are delivered with proper airworthiness certification (FAA 8130 Dual Release ), EASA FORM 1

Overhauling And Repairs

In partnership with multiple certified repair stations across North America, we are able to support your various needs through different forms of repair cycles. Nordaero. is able to assist you with logistics during repairs, as well as make sure to inspect parts pre and post repair, verify validity of certification provided and will update you accordingly through your full repair cycle.