Aircraft repairs

We can assist in repairing your equipment

We perform Component Repair and Overhaul Management. The Nordaero team will help you organize the repair of failed component. You can lean on our experience in this area and the extensive network of repair organizations approved by the aviation authorities and OEMs that we deal with on a daily basis. Ask about the perks of this program like price breaks for managing your component repairs.

Our competitors service & repair their parts in house. No single repair shop is likely to be the best for every type of component and this may lead to you not receiving the highest quality parts.

Our mission is to provide you the highest quality parts for your repair. Frequently this you will receive OEM from one of our many workshops that we have relationships with.

We work with best-in-class MRO providers to rebuild and re-examine aircraft, delivering customized products to meet specific customer operational requirements. Traceability is guaranteed, and all aircraft rotables are supplied with appropriate airworthiness release certification from OEM's and approved workshops.

Engine, APU, Landing gear Support

Our experienced and highly qualified team understands the financial side that aircraft operators and owners continue to face. Commercial aircraft engines and APUs are major drivers of economical importance both from an operational cost and a capital expenditure point of view. 

Nordaero's Engine and APU Division offers engines, APUs or Landing Gears for sale, lease or exchange.

Our experience includes all major leading engine OEMs; such as: CFM International, General Electric, Honeywell, International Aero Engines, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce

The wide network of our partners and their loyalty programs; we are ready to provide you the best option whether it’s for an Engine, APU or Landing Gears. We support all our sales, leases or exchanges with the best possible prices and terms to suit your needs. Let us know your situation and we’ll find best solution for you.

We are committed to provide engine and APU support services that is customized for individual owners and operators. We offer services supporting our clients ensuring this precious equipment can be utilized in the most efficient way. Our aim is to support our customers with the products and services customized to your specific requirements.

Aircraft checks management and support

With our wide network of partners, we will select the most suitable repair organization for the maintenance of your aircraft. We will assist with the maintenance contract and monitor the repair progress with your team. We also monitor the scope of the project budget  and review the condition of the repair to ensure the highest quality.

Our Materials Representatives may accompany aircraft to the MRO worldwide and assist with materials supply, procurement and logistics in order to minimize aircraft downtime and maximize cost savings. They are the vital link between Airline and MRO, with a proactive approach to supply chain issues that eliminates delays in heavy maintenance projects.

Our proven commercial relationships with approved repair facilities and OEMs result in timely, cost effective, and dependable services for our customers. 

Find a Part

We frequently stock aircraft parts that are in high-demand and make them available for immediate delivery. Our aim is always meet the dynamically shifting needs of the industry. We can move the parts you need from our stock or our partners located around the world. Each part is subject to our extensive quality inspection program so you ensured to receive an airworthy part, complete with the necessary documentation from the appropriate aviation authority.